Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment

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A handbook for managers with 13 Principles for Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Ideal for monitoring and for the self-evaluation process.

A handbook for teachers and support staff with hundreds of practical strategies for turning the policy into practice.

Outstanding Teaching - 5 Key Principles

  • Classroom management systems in place, atmosphere and environment welcoming.
  • Learning aims clear and understood by all.
  • Key vocabulary displayed, used and understood.
  • All students participate without anxiety.
  • Teachers identify, review and celebrate learning.

Principles on 1 page. How? 51 pages of ideas to help teachers reach these goals.

Outstanding Learning - 4 Key Principles

  • Learners are clear and confident when activities and tasks begin.
  • Effective learning tasks demand thinking and understanding, not just answers.
  • Planning for differentiation helps to meet the needs of all learners.
  • All teachers have a responsibility for integrating and developing basic and key skills.

Principles on 1 page. How? 45 pages of techniques, examples and guidance.

Outstanding Assessment - 4 Key Principles

  • Key purpose of assessment is to promote learning; distinction between Assessment of and Assessment for Learning understood by all.
  • Assessment criteria shared and understood by all.
  • Learners engage in peer and self assessment.
  • Feedback and feedforward systems are in action.

Principles on 1 page. How? 32 pages of these principles seen in practice.

The principles and ideas have been warmly received by schools as the quotes indicate:

  • Robert Powell’s INSET was a day bursting with practical strategies, exciting, stimulating and varied.
    (Following INSET on ideas in the book) Anna Wells, AHT, Manchester High School for Girls
  • Robert’s ideas can be adapted to any age or situation and have had a huge impact upon attainment and progress at Marston Vale Middle School
    Jim Godfrey, Headteacher
  • Quite inspirational; the most positive feedback that we have ever received from INSET.
    (Following INSET on ideas in the book) Derek Peaple Headteacher, Park House School and Sports College, Newbury

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