Active Whole Class Teaching

Active Whole Class Teaching

Active Whole Class Teaching

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This book is Book Two of the Put Learning First Series and follows Robert Powell‘s highly successful book Raising Achievement. Whole-class teaching has been used widely by teachers in secondary, further and higher education ever since compulsory schooling was introduced in 1870. More recently there have been frequent calls from politicians and inspectors for primary school teachers to make greater use of this approach. There are problems with this however. Much whole-class teaching is pitched at the middle of the ability range, leaving the able students unchallenged and the less confident struggling. Participation is often confined to the regular volunteers and students soon become passive and totally dependent on the teacher. Whole-class teaching does not have to be like that. This book presents 50 practical example of how whole-class teaching can be made active:

  • How to involve all students in the class
  • Ground rules and procedures for whole-class teaching
  • Active approaches to giving notes
  • Making effective use of handouts
  • Whole-class language development exercises
  • Using visual aids
  • Games for testing and assessment
  • Starting lessons with whole-class activity
  • Whole-class revision exercises
  • Effective use of classroom space
  • Integrating whole-class teaching with group work.

The practical ideas will support both experienced teachers keen to try new strategies, and newly qualified and student teachers seeking guidance in whole-class teaching techniques. Most of the techniques described in the book can be used in Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form or Further and Higher Education.

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