Race Game

Race Game

The Race Game AfL (Assessment for Learning) brings computer games into the classroom. It offers learners an exciting and stimulating way to practise their skills and presents teachers with a resource that analyses the performance of each individual, providing instant, electronic assessment data.

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A free sample of the Race Game software is available to all registered users

To download the free sample simply sign in to your account

If you do not have an account then you can register for one here.

Once you have registered and signed in, a link to download the free sample will be on the My Downloads page within your account.

Existing customers of the Race Game should not download the free sample version Race Athletics as it will overwrite your existing software and make your databases of questions inoperable. If you want to add the Athletics track, email with your name and school. An update with the Athletics track will be sent to you via email.

Key Features

  • Learners race each other on a motor track, answering questions correctly to make their cars speed up.
  • Players vote for their answers using Promethean’s Activote or Activexpression handsets.
  • It can be used by any age and in any subject and can be played by up to 32 individuals or by small groups collaborating.
  • It analyses the responses of all players and provides instant data on progress and on individual needs. The analysis can be exported to Excel.
  • Databases of questions sorted by age range, topic and difficulty level are available, but an Editor allows teachers to plan their own.

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Q1 What is the purpose of the Race Game?

Players each have a car on a motor race track. Players answer multiple choice questions using Promethean’s Activote or Activexpression handsets and if they get the answer right their car speeds up, if they get it wrong their cars slows down.

Q2. Will the Race Game work with other makes of handset?

No. Promethean are the world’s leading designer of response technology and the Race Game will not work with other products.

Q3. What kinds of questions can be used with the Race Game?

Any. The Race Editor allows users to write their own questions. These can simply be text questions where learners have to read the question. The questions can, however, include images or photographs, and can also make use of music clips or voice recordings, where learners have to look or listen to get their answers right.

Q4. Are there published sets of questions to use with the Race Game?

Yes. There are 3 databases of questions available in Mathematics, Science and English Language. All are coded by Key Stage, by topic, by sub-topic and by level. The Editor allows users to mix and match from the databases or edit existing questions.

Q4. Are there published sets of questions to use with the Race Game?

Yes. There is a database of questions available for Math, coded by Grade range, by topic, by sub-topic and by difficulty level. The Editor allows users to mix and match from the databases or edit existing questions. All the Math questions have been set against State Standards by Academic Benchmarks.

Q5. How can the Race Game be used?

Because questions can be selected to link directly to the topic being taught, there are many ways in which it can be used.

  1. With a small number of questions e.g. 5 or 6, it can be used at the beginning of a lesson to re-cap on previous learning.
  2. It can be used at the end of a lesson to evaluate the progress that learners have made.
  3. It can be used as an introduction to a new topic to evaluate prior learning.
  4. It can be used as a formal or informal assessment activity.

Q6. How many learners can play the game at once?

Up to 32 cars are allowed. For classes bigger than this the Race allows teams to play. (For more details see Q6.)

Q7. Can the Race Game be played in teams?

Yes. The Race Game will allow teachers to select teams with either one handset shared or all members of the team holding a handset but sharing the same car. The software is designed so that if more than 50% of the team get the answer right the car speeds up. At the end the report shows the responses from all individuals.

Q8. Do you need a Promethean interactive whiteboard to use the Race Game?

No. The Race game will work on any make of whiteboard or simply on a PC with a digital projector and screen. However, you will need to have Promethean Activote or Activexpression handsets.

Q9. Can teachers who create their own question sets for the Race share them with others?

Yes. These ‘custom’ tests created in the Race Game Editor can be saved to any folder chosen by the teacher. In this way school teams can share questions. Robert Powell Publications also plans a user site where ‘custom’ questions can be uploaded and used by other registered users.

Q10. Can the Race Game be used outside the classroom?

Yes. It can be used by children or adults;

  1. Lunchtime or after-school clubs e.g. Science or Sport.
  2. Trivia fund-raising events with parents or community groups.
  3. Inter-class or inter-school competitions organised at local, city or district levels.

Q11. Will other tracks other than motor racing be available?

Other tracks are planned. Those who join the Race Game Users’ Club will automatically get news of upgrades and new features.